"Speaking Through You" (album version) - The Walking Faces

"The Buddha & The Rosebush" - The Walking Faces

"Turnaround" (album version) - The Walking Faces

"White Light / White Heat" - The Velveteen Rabbit Hole

"See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" — Glass Goblins

“Ten Of Wands” - The Walking Faces

"The Wind Cries Mary/Speaking Through You” - The Walking Faces

"Oyster Blue" - The Walking Faces

"Out Of The Wind" - 5-Track's Epic Striation Band

"Your House Of Cards" — 5-Track & Glass Goblins

"Comets" — 5-Track & Glass Goblins

"Homebody" — 5-Track (solo)

"Endless Highway" (Matthew O'Neill cover) — 5-Track & Glass Goblins

"Suite For Afternoon Cloudgazer" — 5-Track & Glass Goblins

"Excerpts From Where" — 5-Track & Glass Goblins

The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation


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