The Iron Stomach by Michael Berman,
cover art by
Michael Berman

KEXP Sonarchy Radio presents:
Snoose Junction
"The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle"

John Foss, sing
Vince Amandes, drums
Wes Amundsen, upright bass
Evan Strauss, electric bass & kaoss pad
John Leighton Beezer, electric guitar
5-Track, electric guitar


Available as an
MP3 download from


"This is the end of the West, the last days are upon us."
-John Foss


Snoose Junction is a loose-knit but widely-ranging collective of improvising musicians. We are informed by organic chaos & a plentitude of genres, concepts and ideas. The gentrification of the planet gives us particular offense.

Meanwhile, the band is LOUD and TUNED IN. We smacked our heads hard on the Beam and transmitted the results out through our amplifiers to the inside of the Universe. It's a benediction. You can bathe in it. You can cook with it.


1 - Breathe On, Live On
(Streets Are Paved With Gold pt1)

2 - Looking For Something Beautiful
(Streets Are Paved With Gold pt2)

3 - Why Do We Have To End It This Way?

This is a recording of our live performance on KEXP Sonarchy Radio hosted by Doug Haire. Doug's mix is available at

Doug gave us the original multitrack files and I have mixed it to suit my taste. We are giving it to you for free. That makes it truly free-improvisation. Just click on the track-names to play or download.


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